Propel VPro5

Getting braces, especially when you’re older, can be highly disruptive in many ways. Between the inconvenience of making multiple appointments, to having the metal in your mouth, braces are something that everyone wants to just get done as quickly as possible.

Recent medical breakthroughs like Invisalign® can make the process of moving your teeth more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but there hasn’t been many advances in shortening the length of time that you need to have work done.

Until now.

Dr. Tenn Yuk is proud to carry the Propel VPro5. This revolutionary way to increase the speed of your orthodontic work is simple to use and takes only 5 minutes out of your day.

How Does the Propel VPro5 Work?

By using high frequency vibration, otherwise called micropulse therapy, the VPro5 increases blood flow to the areas surrounding your orthodontic work in order to jump start your body’s healing process. This accelerated healing can cut almost 40% off of your total treatment time.

The Propel VPro5 is a handheld mouthpiece that can be used practically anywhere. It has LED lights that let you know exactly when to start treatment, when treatment is finished and when the device needs to be charged.

The only maintenance that you need to do is to rinse the mouthpiece off with water after each use.

How Do I Use Propel VPro5?

The first step is to connect the mouthpiece to the oscillator base. The oscillator base is what creates the vibrations and light to increase the blood flow to the mouth. Once you connect the two pieces together, you will turn the device on and wait until the vibration is at its peak.

Once the vibration is at its peak, you will bite down onto the mouthpiece and keep the pressure going for the length of the session. Each session lasts only 5 minutes and the system will automatically turn off when the session is completed.

Rinse and dry the mouthpiece after each session and you’re done!

Is This Right for Me?

This system can be used by anybody who is currently getting orthodontic work on their teeth. Whether it’s traditional metal braces cemented onto the teeth, or Invisalign® mouthpieces, this system can accelerate the process. The simple 3-step process is easy enough for people of all ages to use, and the 5-minute time frame means it can be used virtually anywhere and at any time!

Getting orthodontic work is an important step to proper oral health. However, the long process of braces can often be its worst part. Accelerate the time it takes for your orthodontic work by using the Propel VPro5 system from Tenn Yuk Orthodontics today!